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Friday, August 31, 2012

Paralympic Bloggers

Fifty athletes will write their own blogs!! See the story below.

["Samsung Paralympic Bloggers
The blogs will help to bring 'Everyone's Games' to life with exclusive behind-the-scenes accounts of 50 Paralympic athletes as they take part in the London 2012 Games.

Whether it's life in the Village, training with their coach or what inspires them, throughout the London 2012 Paralympic Games athletes from 18 countries and 16 sports will be using a Samsung GALAXY Note to capture their thoughts.

The programme forms part of Samsung's 'Sport Doesn't Care Who You Are' campaign, designed to challenge the public's attitude towards Paralympic athletes and sport, and to encourage a focus on ability not disability.

London 2012 Organising Committee Chair Seb Coe said: ‘This project will provide a unique opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at the Paralympic Games through the eyes of the athletes themselves.' "]

Exciting news to me. I've never heard of this being done before. Maybe we'll get a chance to read some of the fifty blogs. What do you think about this??


  1. Hi Dixie,
    I'm really enjoying the Paralympics at the moment, but of course, over here we have more coverage on TV than you have in the States.
    What I do find a little bit offputting, though, is the way politicians (in particular, our Prime Minister, David Cameron) have used the Games to say that this is an example of a philosophy based on what people can do, rather than what they can't. While this, in itself, may sound great, it is also the thinking behind the extremely stringent tests run by Atos to assess if people with disablitiies are fit for work, which I pointed out in one of my posts are often finding people with severe disabilities "fit for work". I think all the Paralympians are inspirational, determined and wonderful people, but unfortunately, not everyone can be like them. For those even less fortunate it seems they are having to face some hard times, and it is a shame that some politicians have used the Games to justify their rather harsh regime.
    All the same, Dixe, I hope you enjoy what you can see and read about the Games. Don't let me put you off!
    Very Best Wishes,

  2. Hello Dixie: This could be a good chance to experience some of what it's like to be an Olympian. I think the social camaraderie between athletes of all nations must be one of the best experiences the competitors can have!
    With reference to what David says, above, it's sad that politicians always try to cash in on other peoples success and grab some of the glory.
    Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  3. Hey Dixie,
    Firstly, I have to echo the thoughts of David and bazza.
    And I'm dismayed at the incredibly poor cover of the Paralympics on NBC.
    The idea of Paralympic Bloggers is great. May it be just about them and the inspiration they can instil.
    Have a peaceful day, my friend.

  4. Hi David, and thanks for your comment. To me politicians are the greatest of the disabled. The sheer lack of understanding amazes me. The passion for power overrides the compassion for life. They have no love within for their fellow man. They are empty and hollow. Seems the only way they'll understand is to become burdened with the same yoke they would harness others with.

    All of that aside, I know the Paralympians are doing this for their own reasons and not for the politicians. They don't want our pity; save that for fallen politicians!

    By all means, David, enjoy the games!!!

  5. Hi bazza.

    I think it's always great to hear the experience from the person having the experience firsthand. I'd never heard of doing this before with the athletes. I too hope this won't become a 'tool' for the greedy guys in suits!!

    Hope you had a great time last Friday at the athletes! Thanks bazza.

  6. Hi Gary. Glad you noted NBC's big boo-boo; some of us are not over it yet.

    Yes, I would like to hear about meeting other athletes from other countries; what they think of the host country; their favorite places to visit while waiting to compete.

    Stay enchanted with the games, Gary. Thank you for your comment.

  7. I like the idea. The perspective of the athletes in these, their own Olympics are sure to be inspiring. Like you said, the focus should be on their abilities and not their disabilities. I'm not going to repeat what David said but he certainly said it best when it comes to the Paralympics.

    I have to say it's a shame that the U.S. doesn't give much coverage to these athletes as much as the rest.

    I know they were somewhat covered on NBC but the advertisement for the programming of it was, at best, dismal.

    Take care, Dixie

  8. Hi Kelly.

    I've always thought it strange that the US doesn't media-ly participate. Almost as if, you aren't "whole" you don't count. Hmmm, does anyone want to post about that?

    Yes I think it's a great idea and hope it benefits the athletes first. Then carries through to others' for mutual understanding. I see great potential.

    Advertisement... we've been bombarded with the DNC, which is being held in my city this time. I'd much rather see the Paralympics where I'd feel a sense of life!!

    Thank you, Kelly. :)


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