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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Coming to you - almost live!

This is what we saw:

~dcrelief will be posting the 'inside scoop' later... gee wasn't it great?!!
So ~ what did you see?


  1. I think your reporters must have missed a lot, perhaps they fell asleep :)

    The 2.5 hours of the opening ceremony were amazing. It was almost theatre - though I think some of it may have mystified watchers from outside of the UK.

    The Queen with James Bond - great!

  2. I would have enjoyed the Opening Ceremony if they edited it down to about two days or less. It was that long wasn't it? Did anyone outside of the UK 'get' all the historical references, about the Industrial Revolution?
    The best part was James Bond with The Queen and the mixed hearing and non-hearing children's choir singing the National Anthem. I am sure she had a tear in her eye. The only other time I saw that was when they decommissioned the Royal Yacht Brittania.
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  3. Hi Mike.
    We saw quiite a lot even though NBC station decided to edit out sectionsthey deemed "unnecessary". Lots of complaints here about that.

    Once again our cameraman was off somewhere, so we used our little phones; I think we did good to get what we got(not).
    Most sincerely,

    Dixie Olympic Avatar Icon

  4. Hi Bazza.
    I so love history (probably one of the few here)that understood it all. Missed the song: "Abide with me," and that entire section. NBC choose not to show. We were subjected to Ryan Seacrest (of American Idol host) interviewing Michel Phelps, Olympic swimmer. Egad! Yes NBC just cut away to Ryan and went back to the opening later... how rude!

    Your two favorite moments would seem to be mine as well. If HRH can take a plunge, so can I. Haha. And I really liked those children singing the National Anthem. Their little spirits soared.

    Oh? Was it that long? I have a bedtime curfew; couldn't watch it all. Mum gets out of sorts when I stay up late; don't know why?
    Cheerio, Bazza,

    Alistair Cookie, Esq.


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