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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Alistair does The Mall

The spectacular Mall at Buckingham Palace! One of my favorite thingss to do is get on my tryke and go! However for this event you had to compete while on two wheels; I'm not quite there but it didn't squelch my excitement.

How do they stay balanced? How do they keep from falling or knocking into each other? Maybe that's what Mum means when she says, "Experience makes the man." No matter, I'll just ride along and keep out of their way!


  1. I sometimes wonder how any of us remain balanced today.

    Go steady on the tryke and maintain your excitement squelch on maximum.

  2. Hi Dixie,
    Ah yes, the "Mall" and no shops in sight :)
    If you look very closely, you will notice the 'trainer wheels' on their bicycles.
    Cheerio and toodle pip!

  3. Hello Mike,

    Alistair here. I don't think we're really balanced - how else would we be able to tolerate the craziness of the current events?

    Oh yes, and back by popular demand, playing cards on the spokes of my wheels - going flap, flap, flap!

  4. Sir klahanie,

    Big Al, here. Aw, you're joshing me with that 'trainer wheel' comment.

    So many things have different meanings here to there. Yes indeed, a visit to the regular mall would provide me cookies.

    Oh and Dixie had to cover the Equestrian event, because I got stuck on one of those round-about streets. You know the ones???

    Tally pally-ho!

  5. I thought those girls in the Women's bike race were fabulous. It was raining through most of the 140K course and there was about a metre between the first two. Great stuff!
    Anyway young Alistair, when you finally remove the stabiliser wheels (for that is what we call them) you could become another Bradley Wiggins.
    Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  6. Hello Sir Bazza! I myself was singing in the rain - though I prefer the little babes on trykes :)

    Bradley Wiggens? You think so? Well these little legs better grow!



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