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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Letter from cousin K (#131)

Dear Cuz,
Just couldn't wait to return home – had to forward pics of China's Yellow Mountains. It's height and and beauty are astounding. Let's begin with the taxing, yet spectacular climb up Heaven's Gate.

I know!! Such an exhilarating climb. J was hanging onto the rail the last half mile. Look closely on the left and there's our boy, head down, struggling, water bottle in hand, favorite vest, followed closely by our personal guide, Chewbokah. Climb J climb!

At the top we rested; a gorgeous temple with restaurant inside. J complained of starving until he saw the huge platter of Hoong-wey-shooe, I ordered. Delicious, crispy earthworms are served on a bed of saffron rice, with a delicate side order of monkey brains. I was almost done with lunch when he finally returned from the bathroom. 

We continued on, our personal guide leaving us in the competent hands of a local resident, Hooasshue. A lovely creature who spoke 37,000 languages... with incredible agility to climb!

Hooasshue brought us to a natural bridge, made of round stones. Like giant doughnuts, they had formed a natural tunnel as well. He explained that over 6,000 years ago, “The Immortals” of the Yellow Mountains had tunneled through all of the mountains; a continuous maze of excitement. The was the only natural one in existence. Smilingly, I glanced over at J, who was now hanging his head over the wall. Poor sick baby; I saw him later when the med-helicopter deposited him at the base of the mountain.

We approached an area known as, “The Fairy Bridge”; Hooassshue told a marvelous tale of fairies chasing men to their deaths. Unfortunately they lived to come back up the mountain and kick the fairies off. I had tears in my eyes when the tale was finished.

Finally, from a distance, I glimpsed the treasure of the tour: “The Bridge of the Immortals.” My heart began to pound as I anticipated crossing that rare and spectacular creation. No mere human could have built it (you think?), but tales of the Immortals describe their every gift to the Yellow Mountains. I was not going to pass this up; I had to cross.

Cuz, it was a delight, and I hope one day you'll visit. You're welcome to join me when I return in three years for the ancient “Festival of the Earthworm.” Did you know there are 37,000 ways to serve earthworms? I'll call when I get stateside; J is still in Howcomesic Hospital.

Ta-ta, with love, Cousin K


  1. Cheerfulmonk: I see you didn't pass on the monkey brains. :p


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