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Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday funny



  1. I would like a female version of that . I would sit in her lap while driving. Nice.
    Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  2. But bazza, what about the Zombies?

  3. Now if only the car would drive itself with those hands. I wonder if there are disembodied feet to push down on the gas and brake pedals. that would be too cool.

    There seems to be a lot more zombies eating faces off of people these days. I guess you heard about the guy in Florida, chowing down on the homeless guy's face even while being shot five times by the cops. Amazing. Even I couldn't write a story like that and I'm about as warped as you can get- so I've been told.

    Well Dixie, I guess it's time for me to prove I'm not a robot. Wish me luck! Also... Take care of yourself and have a dandy as heck kind of day. :) P.S. I'll leave another brilliant comment on the post before this one to thrill ya. :)

  4. Kelly: 'disembodied feet'? Well, now I'll be pondering that all day, thanks.

    Oh gosh, I've read about two face-eatings so far... what's up with that? Should I purchase a baseball catcher's metal mask for public outings?

    Oh, do I have the robot thingy? I wondered. Just the same, any thrill appreciated!! :))


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