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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

swimming-just-swimming-in the rain

It's competition time! World championships taking place all over, um, the world.  Yes, the Olympics are upon us, yet the world championships must go on. (I have no clue, why.)

Journalists, reporters, and genuine sport fans bombarded the recent swim meet. (Hype time.) Before them lay a most beautiful, Olympic size pool. Filming, photo-ops, and interviews were quickly arranged, but then the strangest discovery was noted by the pool-pa-razzi: the pool was empty!! Swim participants were busy running around the perimeter. Egad! There wasn't any water in the pool!

Suddenly from overhead a large thunderclap was heard. Rain began falling and participants quickly adopted an attitude of fun. The newly arrived Jamaican team seemed especially inspired. Ironically the major film they'd watched on the airplane trip featured, dancer/actor Gene Kelly, in movie classic "Singing in the Rain."

Or was I dreaming?


  1. Egad (love that word)! I'm convinced it's for real, nobody could dream such a story.

  2. Hi Dixie,
    No you weren't dreaming and evidently, the Jamaicans are going to have a bob-sleigh team in the next winter Olympics! :)

  3. Yes Mike... and there's the old, old, old(?) tale of two brothers. One named "E", the other named "Gad". Many years passed without them crossing paths...but when they finally caught glimpse of each other, one fine spring day... you got it!

  4. Yes Gary... I heard they use banana peels, all lined in a row, to practice. But I wonder how the luge team gets ready?

  5. Hi Dixie: They are beginning to hold sports events in some of the Olympic venues, mostly in London but also all over Britain. The Olympic flame is being passed along in one-mile relays on an 8,000 mile round trip of the country.
    Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  6. Hi Bazza: I know the excitement must be building. Atlanta is still fresh in my mind.
    Thank you for this update. Amazing, 8,000 miles... you'll probably get the chance to see it more than once!


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