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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wings of heart

I stand and look out upon the green and snow and trees...
so close I can touch them, with my mind.

My arms at my side slowly rise and shiver and quiver...
awaiting the flight I will take, with my mind.

How much has my inner person grown!?
How much joy can I contain!?

You who took my anger and confusion and illusion...
wrapped in a stripe from me to you, in my mind.

Like an eagle I climb high with soaring and sailing...
while sheltered in your warmth, in my mind.

You gave me growth.
You gave me joy.
You gave me wings of heart and wisdom and faith.


  1. You write lovely poems and as with poems, I don't get it all in on my first read. So I had to go over it again. Each time I read it I get a different picture in my mind.

    I have been helping my daughter with her English homework assignment dealing with reading and interpreting poems. It reminds me that I should come back over to your blog to read some more.

  2. Paul: "Each time I read it I get a different picture in my mind."

    This poem is a memory of a child who has grown. Having received the words to articulate the memory, in her mind, she is free. Alas, it is her; it is me! "The Inner Child."

    I'm glad you came by; May God bless that assignment. :)

  3. You gave me wings of heart....
    That's very nice.

  4. Hi Desp. Thanks so very much, and it's good to hear from you :)


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