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Saturday, December 10, 2011

What gift will you keep?

What gift will you keep for the rest of your life? Did someone give you a special train, building blocks, or a warm hug on Christmas morn?

Is there a gift you leave in the box it came in and carry it wherever you go? Did you also keep the ribbon and paper that surrounded it?

Did you hear of a child born long ago who volunteered to make a better way? Did you believe that, or like the “Santa myth”, toss it out when things didn't go your way?

Long after stores stop the pressure to buy their stuff, will you remember it was all about the birth of a king? Did you take them up on all of their sales? Maybe you think the king owed a bigger discount; most everyone went to 50% off early in the season.

Why in the world would three wise men follow a star for two years? What gift did they hope to find? And did they keep the gift? History and now archeology say they did.

I don't know if I'm helping or hurting... but for me the gift to keep is love.

But I'm curious... what has been your favorite gift? Do you still keep it safe within your heart... or on a shelf in the dark?

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