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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

all that fluff

Hello, my name is Charles. I've sat on the sideline for weeks watching this woman unload box after box. What's the problem with humans? Why can't there be a couple of boxes and they're done?

I used ONE box when I moved. Having two bowls, one for water and one for food, I'm flabbergasted at the multi-sets of glasses and dishes! There's my winter snug-coat and two pairs of little boots. ~And my smallish bed and 'bloop' my favorite stuffed toy.... one box!

It's obscene, I tell you. Thousands of possessions marching through the doors; a never-ending story of 'packaholics'.

It's hard for me to understand... all that fluff... for what?

Are you done?


  1. Oh, YES we have no fandangoes.No use for the simple. yes, we do "need" to prove that we can use more leaves for our bed, now our bum. We sleep through "life" then leave our mess for others to clean up!
    But, the simple sound of OM should calm the inner rants. Even when "we" can't muster a sound by ourselves when we want to.
    The Cat is too damn SMART.

  2. Dear Dixie,
    I think Charles has certainly got it right. Who needs all that stuff? Oh, I do, I suppose!
    Cute photo, dc. Where did you get him?
    Very Best Wishes,

  3. Hi Dixie. well moving is no fun for sure and if we could without all the fluff it would be better. The truth is that we can't and so the dilemma. I throw away lots of stuff to make room for the new stuff. Hmmm sounds like a blog coming on. Anyway, good luck to you unpacking all that stuff. :)

  4. I just can't convey how relevant this post is for me.
    For the past 7+ months,I've been living out of just one big suitcase.This includes my clothes,cooking utensils,documents,laptop...
    This has been a humbling experience.It was irritating at times, but over time I have started to enjoy the simplicity of this way of life.I really believe now that it is possible to live comfortably in one-pickup worth of household items.This is how it should be.

  5. Welcome Anonymous. 'OM' my goodness... the cat is a DOG.
    Thank you!

  6. Dear David,
    My need for stuff and fluff has changed... a maintenance overload!

    Google search: small white dogs; page 17... He is cute!

    Hang tough with your stuff,

  7. Hi Heather!!
    I'd love to read a blog from you about this topic... simply love your humour!! With all of my new found experience I could be a boxer... fighting my way out of it, it seems.
    I'll visit soon; be well,

  8. Hi Despo,
    Good to hear from you. Charles might say you're traveling 'unencumbered by the traps of life.' (smile)
    Where you land is where you live; live it fully!! Miss your face.
    Hey, how do you brush your teeth?
    Sending peace,

  9. Greetings Dixie,
    Yes, tis I, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star. Oh and 'arf', arf' to Charles :)
    Ah yes, you humans and all those boxes you need when you move. All you really need is one giant box the size of your house. Then you can think outside the blog...I mean, box!
    Pawsitive wishes, your way, Penny :)

  10. Dearest Enchanting Penny,

    I am amazed at your posts that deal with the encounters with the third kind, and humans... he he.

    My latest passion lies with the 'back pack' ... a wondermus invention... no more box for me.

    Your modesty inspires; your star lights my way... 'woofie' to you.



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