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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Creative trash

I'm pretty sure the post title is a statement, and not a question. You know... leaving things a bit open ended creates excitement.

Why is it that my neighbors' trash looks more exciting, inviting, than mine? One sniff and I'm carried away~ with a scent hanging upon the breeze. Oh how I love 'pine sol' too. I must call about this sofa. To me it's recyclable material... creative trash.

My friend Mimi, was handling the bulk trash calls today. "Hi Mimi, how are you?".

"Hey Miss D, how are you? What you got for me today?"

"I've got nothing; just wanted to ask about that green sofa on Elm?"

"You and ten others. The truck driver is taking it home for his 'man cave'. His wife, Delores has called all morning, checking and double checking. Then Mr. Taylor fell asleep on it, waiting for the bus...but complained that some women named Delores, got him arrested for loitering. You know, she knows Mr. Taylor's been sleeping on that corner for seventeen years!"

"That's awful; how's Mr. Taylor now?"

"Mr. Taylor took home one of the black plastic bags with him. It was full of over size stuffed animals. He's making hats and gloves for neighborhood children; claims it will be cold before we know it."


  1. I really do hope someone gets their crafty hands on this sofa. I'm sure it can be restored. Wish I could find this kind of "junk" around where I live!
    Hope you are having a great week!

  2. Hi Kifus!
    Glad you could visit.
    I had a great time seeing your blog. I just inherited a large beautiful home, so decorating is on the mind. I loved the colors, the usage, the rhythm of the elements. Great blog!!

    Delores promises to invite us for a special viewing of that sofa; I'll take a photo!!

    Thanks again,

  3. Bazza,
    I think I'll take that as a compliment, considering the creative joy that Keillor evokes. Very generous, very kind of you!

    I'll be over soon 'To Discover Ice'.


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