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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hall of mirrors

I came upon a hall of mirrors
where every fault was plain to see.
I found myself repulsed by actions
that were actually caused by me.

Who would dare to prick my heart,
finding fault within my reason?
Chiding me for what I'd wrought,
my faults to bear in open season?

My ego cracked the mirror.
How dare this hall reflect
the outragious words I lived by
and my careless acts without regret.

The meek stood in the mirror
with tears that welled and overflowed.
I noted their compassion,
and love for life in new abode.

Don't just stand there and look at me,
a hall of women in remorse.
I watched them turn to walk away,
their action changed my course.

I now looked outward from the mirror
to the woman who gently smiled.
She moved in grace with hallowed journey
her love unfolding every mile.

Her fractured heart with many faces
was melding slowly into one.
She stepped quietly from the hall
transporting me into the morning sun.


  1. Hi Dixie!
    I saw your little booboo bear ~ and quickly the weekend took on a life of its own... I do hope you are feeling better now! Are your done with your medicine and is soup tasting "just right?"
    hoping so ♥
    Your poem tonight reminds me of those moments in life when the reality that stares back at us needs the gentle guidance and relief of a guiding angel ~

    Wishing you gentle moments ~ and keeping you in prayer for better health days ahead*

  2. A brilliant poem, Dixie. We all need to step into the looking glass now and then - just to get a closer look at see our reflection as it really is - from the inside-out.

    You've become a prolific poet. I admire you greatly, my friend.

    May the sun shine brightly on you each and every day - lending light and joy to your life.

    Be well,

  3. Maria, you are so right. Plenty of times 'dc relief' needs angel relief.
    I'm better, and scheduled for some tests next week.

    Thank you for your sweet comment.

  4. Hi M.

    I think it must be a gift to be able to confront our self. To make the choices that encourage contentment, even if the contentment is yet a ways off.

    It makes me happy and so grateful that you enjoy some things I write. I hope you have a great week.

    Peace, Dixie


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