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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another chance to rise

“When the odds are stacked against us, we often rise to the occasion and surprise people... including ourselves!” ~B.J. Gallagher

In the last few months challenges have appeared for me to solve. Often times I cannot do it alone. I turn to friends to hear about their experiences. I've also found solace in reading blogs. It is a real treasure to have sources of experience and love so close by. Isolation has never been the answer for me.

Lately I'm studying formal portrait painting. I've done portraits but relied on a self taught process. Having listened to the best, and observed their talent, I shall attempt to give it another go.

My Dad's estate is taking some time to be resolved. You might recall, he passed last October. But more than the issue of the estate is the issue of feelings I do not have. Unfortunately we had a turbulent relationship; never did resolve our differences. As a result I am resolving them as best I can. Oddly I find I don't care what happens to any property. I'm not a coveting sort of person. It's surprising to me that I must have let go a while back. I thought I might feel guilty for not missing him, as much as I miss my Mom, but that hasn't happened.

My husband is still unemployed. Since April of 2010 we've taken life one day at a time. On the upside he's become quite the chef! After seventeen years of him tolerating my cooking, he finally agrees that I'm best at cleaning up after meals ~ hahahaha! Oh, I had trouble relinquishing control of 'my' kitchen, but not for long. When he returns to work I'm going to miss the 'happy meals'. I'm so addicted to his fresh vegetable blends.

My spine is not attached at the hip bones, or lower lumbar region. A fall many years ago broke my back and the result means my spine can move out of place. For three months I've been in therapy, hopefully to reverse the issue of late; my lumbar area has moved 5 millimeters forward.; another 5mm and I'll be paralyzed. Not to complain but I'm trying to surprise myself. As each issue presents itself I look to rise and claim success.

Thank you for reading what appears to be a self-absorbed blog post. Then again, as I said, isolation has never been the answer for me. And maybe, just maybe, as 'they' say... I'll feel more resolved by letting some of the craziness out in the light.


  1. I think you're very inspiring, Dixie. I admire your tenacity, your strength of character, while facing your struggles. Not many of us have the courage to face the bad days, nor the willpower to overcome life's adversity.

    Continue to embrace life, my friend. And never feel you walk along - you know you don't!:)

    I love the quote - it's so true!
    And I'm glad you're enjoying having your own personal chef, Dixie. Sounds wonderful! All those happy meals!

    I hope you are well - and continue to be well. I do love visiting you.

    Blessings always,

  2. Hi Dixie,
    And thank you for all those times I found comfort, encouragement and support through the magic of your written words and paintings.
    Despite life's trials and tribulations, I note a positive, upbeat attitude in this posting.
    I'm really pleased that you seem to be moving on with your life.
    I'm experiencing some very dark times that I'm doing my utmost to challenge. Thanks for this posting and a bit of light in my dark.
    With respect and ongoing kindness, your way, Gary.

  3. Dear Dixie,
    I think it is great how you are remaining so sanguine despite the things you face.
    Keep it up, Dixie, you know we're all shouting for you!
    I sincerely hope that things turn out well for you.
    Yours with Very Best Wishes,

  4. HI Dixie; Well I certainly understand about spinal cord injury. Just out of curiousity, can they maybe put a bracket around the area so it doesn't move any more or are you doing the therapy to strengthen the muscles that hold it there? Keep your chin up. I'm sure it will work out and you know my prayers are with you. Take care my friend.

  5. Hi Dixie,
    I've heard some people say lately that technology has us too "connected." I'm not sure that's such a bad thing though. Comfort, sharing, and inspirations are abounding here in blogland.
    I too, appreciate all of you here... It makes the sharp edges of the world, softer and kinder.
    As the others here have written, your light does shine through your hardships. I think that is evidence of your rising through them.
    I know you will continue to add strength and healing. Bless you always, Dixie ♥

  6. M. ~ Gary ~ David ~ Heather P ~ Maria ~

    When I checked my blog I was overwhelmed by the support, hope and love, each of you sent in response to this post. I am so very, very grateful! :) I feel blessed to have 'met' each of you.

    The post was one of those times I just sat at my computer and typed away. With only the quote in my head I wondered what things I could release by writing about them. So your responses touched my heart.

    Happy meals from a happy man make for a happy lady.

    Staying upbeat has advantages after I've fought my own attitude.

    Sanguine, really? I could use a 'cheerleader' so keep shouting!

    I have to be careful not to trip over things. Had a terrible spill months back. There's no surgery or quick fix for this condition. HP~ pelvic thrusts exercises!

    Connecting this way has been advantageous for me; indeed a blessing I never expected. I read a lot of blogs and never fail to come away with light and inspiration too!

    Thank you again. Sending all happy thoughts!:)

    Love, Dixie


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