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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Heads or tales

One day I went to the nearby nursery to purchase plants; specifically the Oriental cabbage. Having arrived I traveled row to row inhaling the wonderful scents of winter flowering plants. I was captivated by the Red Bud, mesmerized by the Holly, and the Pine took me back to the past. Somewhere in-between the Paper Whites and the Hibiscus, I spied the cabbage of my choice!

The nursery used little red wagons to help you collect plants for purchasing. You simply load what you want and take it out to your vehicle for unloading. Little red wagons were everywhere! Oh, and I spied an even bigger-sized one; guess that was for transporting trees.

At home I took the Orientals out back and clustered them together. You know what they say: “Two heads are better than one.” Surely seven little heads would look really nice?! But~ I noticed that something was missing; something that had previously added to the picture of delight. What was missing? My head went ‘round and ‘round, thinking, wondering, and then… aha!

Tomorrow I shall be going to the hardware store in hopes of finding a little red wagon.

My head has finished this tale. Bye for now.


  1. Dear Dixie,
    Just thought I'd pop by to reciprocate your New Year Wishes.
    I hope 2011 treats you well and you continue to have as much fun as your posts suggest.
    With Very Best Wishes,

  2. Dear David,

    I appreciate your popping and reciprocating! Your's is one of my favorite blogs.
    Having been recently diagnosed with 'depression' I am mindful of the precious information you share with all.
    My doctors are not sure if the extreme episode of Fibromyalgia brought on the depression. I suppose I'll always be suseptible to depression because of the episodes I experience.
    It's a lot of work to stay ahead of the game, so to speak. Writing for fun brings its own rewards and blessings! Like you; your popping in is always welcome, and received with joy.

    In peace,

  3. Hi Dixie,
    This charming tale reminded me of a time in my childhood in Canada.
    I recall we had a 'wagon parade' in Elementary school. It was where kids had there wagons all decorated and prizes were won.
    You have inspired me to post up a very heart warming and bitter sweet tale about the wagon parade.
    Thanks and here's to a really peaceful 2011 for you. I wish you well.
    In kindness and goodwill, Gary :-)

  4. Loved this post. Very uplifting. Never though about getting winter flowers either. Interesting.

  5. Hello Gary!

    Wagon Parade? Sounds like fun. I'll be sure to come read the tale you weave for us. You're quite the inspiration yourself, Mr. Dude.

    I hope 2011 is a great year for you and your loved ones. Thank you for another year of positive and delightful postings!

    In peace,

  6. Hi morrow!

    So good hearing from you. Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment.

    In one room, I used three pots of red blooming Christmas cactus on a table, and strung a cord of tiny purple lights around them. Stays beautiful all winter.

    Red lights are incredible with the Paper Whites.

    Happy 2011 to you!
    In peace,


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