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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Climbing for Christmas

One Christmas morn I felt quite hardy
Excited for the family party
I took a trail that lead uphill
The sights and sounds gave me a thrill

Then halfway up my toes went cold
This great idea was really bold
The bright lit sun beamed on the path
As if to act as warming bath

But cold arose as I went higher
My toes began to feel like fire
The Christmas gifts I packed with care
Were dragging lower on the stair

I focused on the love and peace
Of every nephew and every niece
Their happy smiles would greet me there
But first I must climb up this stair!

I reached the top with happy shout
Then to their home for thawing out
The crazy climb made me a star
But come next year I’ll drive the car!


  1. Hello, Dixie! My mother has spoken so highly of you. Your blog is amazing...and this last poem you posted was delightfully charming. You gave me a smile and filled me with Christmas spirit! I'm looking forward to visiting you frequently in the upcoming weeks. What a pleasure it was visiting you today. I'll have to read your poem to Mom later this evening. She'll enjoy that...

    Love and blessings,
    Me and Mom

  2. Hi Dixie!
    What a great poem... The imagery in it is painting a picture!

    It reminds me so much of my climb up the stairs to my classroom. It's especially a challenge with book bags and coffee mug :o)
    No nieces and nephews...but mostly smiling faces~
    I hope you enjoy all the moments of this Christmas time!
    Wishing your days to be merry and bright*

  3. Hello MD! I am totally humbled by your comments. Really! Thank you!
    I am so looking forward to whatever YOU choose to share too.

    Please give your Mom a hug from me. I hope this poem gives her a smile. Tell her I'll place prayer cards on my Christmas tree for you both. (Use blank index cards to write special requests, decorate, and hang on tree.)

    Thank you, MD.

    In Peace and love,

  4. Hi Maria!

    Thank you! You're very kind.

    Maybe I should paint a canvas of this photo. I kept trying to force a serious piece of writing to accompany it, but in the end, humour won the day! :)

    Peacefull yours,

  5. Hi Dixie,
    What a cheerful and delightful poem.
    I could really feel the resonance within this wonderful writing.
    Loved the accompanying photograph. Would be quite some car that could get up there :-)
    In peace and good wishes, Gary

  6. Hi Gary,
    You gave me quite a chuckle imagining a car climbing the hill, LOL.
    I know you're preparing for 'Boxing Day...'
    Very good wishes to you!


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