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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's Over!

...due to lack of interest!


  1. hi despo...
    something has to change, so I guess it's me... but what now?

  2. Dear Dixie,
    What, pray tell, is over, dc? Surely this is not the end of your blog. Say it aint so!
    Yours with Very Best Wishes,

  3. Dear Dixie,
    You, more than anyone else, has been the inspiration for me to keep writing.
    I know you are going through a reflective phase. Here's hoping, when the time is right; that your beautifully written, transparent and profound blogs shine upon us again.
    Wishing you peace and contentment.
    With respect and fondness, Gary x

  4. From the bottom of my heart, I hope you find exactly what you need. Stay open to everything and allow yourself to just be.

    Each of us goes through changes that at times require us to refocus our lives. None of us has all the answers but they are there somewhere.

    In my absence from my own blog and those of my friends I have missed the interactions that were always able to pick me up when I was down. You were always a big part of that. I hope to return to these things I love once my current commitments have leveled out a bit.

    With love and gratitude,

  5. This year has been too crazy for me.I'm not getting enough me time to post my thoughts.
    I used to read when I used to get some time.
    Ur blog was one such place.
    Well, nothing lasts forever

  6. OM...
    When YOU decide to roll your fingers over the best of your giving again I'm SURE that we ALL can find that wonderful guidepost that you have always lit for us.

  7. Thanks to EACH of YOU.
    My choice of word was incorrect for the body of the blog. It should read..."due to lack of strength".
    Time will tell.
    In love and peace,


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