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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pretty and pretty loud!

Quite a lovely bird! Absolutely and completely colorless...well, almost; yet enough to be called an 'Albino Peacock'. Albino indicates little or no pigmentation or color. The Albino Peacock is quite the rare bird, but just as noisy as their colorful counterparts. Try whistling in the loudest, highest-pitched sound you can possibly make... and they are still louder!

Uh-oh... cover your ears. He's staring at the camera!


  1. Hello Dixie,
    Ah Peacocks! Lovely looking birds. Very flippin'loud birds! They make the weirdest sounding 'alarm clocks'.
    I should know. Five A.M., outside my bedroom window, when I stayed with Julie and Philip; was this almighty squawking noise. Thanks for nothing Peacocks:-)
    Take good care. Thanks for another lovely posting, Dixie.
    In kindness, Gary x

  2. Hello Gary,
    I did get to hear some and it was awful. Still I am glad I saw this photo first. It has an enchanting appeal.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend; thank you for dropping by.
    Dixie x

  3. Dear Dixie,
    These are great photos. I've never seen an albino peacock before!
    However, I did see an albino crocodile, of all things, on the news the other day. It is in captivity and apparently has had to be kept away from the other crocodiles for fear that it may be attacked.
    Oh the joys of "being different"!
    Yours with Very Best Wishes,

  4. Hi David,
    How sad for the crocodile, but what an interesting story. Just when I thought an albino peacock was big! Thank you for sharing that. I love watching documentaires and such on animals and people. Thank you David.
    Good wishes to you,
    Dixie x

  5. Oh That is AMAZING! I've never seen an albino peacock! Wow... Thanks for sharing! ~Maria

  6. Thank you Maria. ~And thank you for visiting my blog.

    In peace,



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