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Thursday, November 26, 2009

The problem with missions

Edna called out loudly, “Oh dear no, it can’t be.”

Henry tried ignoring her noise and turned the page of his newspaper. Mentally, he began to count, 1…2…3.

“Henry, you simply must go to the store!” Edna stood in the doorway waiting for the handsome mouse to assist his spouse.

“Edna, my love, my pet, the stores are all closed. It’s Thanksgiving, remember?”

“Aw Henry, you simply must find me some cheese. Uncle Brody is going to be livid if there’s no macaroni and cheese.”

“Alright dear; I shall see what I can do.” Henry stepped out into the cold, shivering, not knowing what he could do.

A voice from above was heard to say, “Pssst.” Henry looked up and there on his own balcony stood Uncle Brody. “Hi Uncle.”

“Shhh,” said Uncle Brody, “no one need be the wiser.”

“I do not understand you Uncle.” Henry was whispering now.

“Take this harness and go across the street. The cheese you need is waiting.”

Henry placed the harness on. He shimmied up to the ceiling where he attached his cable to lower himself. He began to drop straight down, onto the cheese. He was mighty proud and looked out the window to see Uncle Brody. There he was, jumping up and down, cheering Henry on. But what was he saying?

The problem with missions…
OH, the problem with missions… is that there’s always a cat(ch).

“Oh Henry,” Edna cooed, “You’ve saved the day. The meal wouldn’t be complete without the macaroni and cheese. Why, even Uncle Brody had an extra helping. But do tell me about that nasty scratch on your leg. The late shopping must have been brutal. Of course it’s been getting this way for some time. People fighting over a piece of cheese; it’s disgusting.”

Henry watched as the cat chewed the last of the harness, grateful he wasn’t in it. Happy Thanksgiving to me, he thought.


  1. Love the picture and the story. There could have be a cat-asthrophe, no cheese. Love and best wishes. I give thanks I found you :) xx

  2. Dear Dixie,
    A most interesting story. And speaking of macaroni..well I'm going to 'pasta' on my good wishes for you on Thanksgiving Day in America.
    Thanks for sharing this Dixie.
    Warm wishes, your way, Gary x

  3. Good thing he didn't "Cat"apult himself onto the cheese. What kind of cheese anyway? Cheshire?

  4. I think the comments are funnier than the story!!! LOL :)XX


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