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Monday, August 17, 2009

Grandfather's Song

There’s a tree with secret nook
Near the river where we fished
He would bait my every hook
As I played about and wished
That someday I’d know the song
He would sing to everything
That would let me play along
In the early part of spring

“Happy birthday Grandfather”


  1. I love this short poem.

    I did not see any of my grandfathers because both of them were killed during World War II when both of my parents were still toddlers.

  2. Hi Paige,
    Found the song today: "Jadda, Jadda, Jadda, Jadda, zing, zing, zing!"
    Do you know it?

  3. Jun Bullan,
    I hope there are other family members you are close to. My Grandfather was the only one who seemed to have time for an inquisitive little girl. It was heartbreaking when he returned to drinking when I was age 9.

    The night he died I dreamed it, woke up, and told my Mom five minutes before the phone rang.

    I don't presume to know which is harder. I only know that for many years, there's been a song, left written on my heart. When it came to me I felt the need to blog about it.

    Peace to you, friend.

  4. Hi Dixie,
    A warm tribute to your Grandfather.
    A beautiful, heartfelt poem.
    Thanks for sharing such lovely sentiments with us. The thoughts from your heart, shine through.
    In peace and respect, Gary x

  5. Hi Gary,

    You comment is so nice and greatly appreciated. I'm glad you enjoyed this, short as it was. The words stopped pouring, so I stopped writing.

    Peaceful wishes,

  6. That was a lovely read, thanks for posting, hope your well :)

  7. Hello MM&I,
    Good to have you visit! I enjoyed your last blog.
    I'm glad you liked this; some folks are well worth the write. Grandfather was a lot of fun.
    One day at a time, friend. :)x

  8. Grandfathers can be very special - I miss mine. One I had no opportunity to know as he died when I was 2, the other had such an influence on me teaching me the adventures that are around if you look. He too had time for me, treating me as a person and not just his relative. I believe that he is my guardian angel, as I'm sure I feel his presence some days. Treasure your positive memories, Dixie xx

  9. A jewel shining through.
    Dear Julie,

    It's nice to have memories. One comes along, and I just want to play.

    Thank you so much for sharing yours; as I remember a previous conversation between us.

    Love, Dixie. xx


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