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Friday, July 31, 2009

Wow! Blogger Awards.

As gifted to me (June 30, 2009) from “Hazelm: Mattie’s Journal,” I would like to pass on the following blog awards. This was a very difficult decision for me. I love all of the blogs and their writers!


The 2009 Friendly Blogger Award goes to:

“…” Me, Myself, and I
A Day in the Life: Dave’s Progress
A Jewel Shining Through
De Pressing Thoughts; DESPERADO
The World N Me; Jun Bullan
Julie & Paige’s Caribbean Midrine
Klahanie; Gary Philip Pennick
The Curious Hazards of Being Human: Clarissa Alverson


The Uplifting Blogger Award goes to everyone!

I give this award to all of the followers in the widget, and the writers in my blog list. Each of you has added a degree of hope and comfort to my life. I am blessed with your shared words.



One Lovely Blog Award goes to:

The World N Me; Jun Bullan
No Such Thing as Disabilities (Soundoff); HeatherP.
Journeys in an Alien World; David S.
Klahanie; Gary Philip Pennick
Step by Step: rusty 443
buddhawithin; The Cap



  1. =) Thanks for the mention, nice to know you appreciate the blog.

    Hope your feeling better now, tc


  2. Paige, I am honored friend. Thank you.

  3. MM&I: trying to make positives from positives. Glad you're around.

  4. Dear dc,
    Thankyou for this wonderful award.
    I would like to thank my agent, my brilliant parents, without whom I wouldn't be here, and finally God for choosing me to imbue with such devastating talent.
    O.K. I'm joking, but thankyou in all sincerity. Like I say, I will continue to comment and hope that this just lends a little support to your journey. Also, glad that you are well again.
    With Very Best Wishes,

  5. Dear Dixie,
    Following on from my illustrious friend, David (A Day in the Life; Dave's Progress), I would like to thank you for including me in the 'Blogger Awards'.
    This community of empowerment that you are so much a part of Dixie; Truly gives me inspiration for a more positive future.
    Yours humbly, Gary x

  6. Hi David,
    Please tell your agent, parents, and God that I am grateful for what I've learned from you this year! I feel my own "Progress", so thank YOU for that.
    In kidness, no in kindness, dc

  7. Hi Gary,
    You are so right about this community's ability to empower. I recall your words: "Help ourselves, we help each other."
    Thank you for the invitation, almmost a year ago now(!); thank you for your positive interaction.
    In peace and great respect,
    Dixie x


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