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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Smile now... life happens

Today I said goodbye to a dream; let it go the way of dreams that taunt.
I never meant to hurt me. I simply thought that it might really happen.
I simply smile now. Smile at the inner kid who really wished on a star.

Things that taunt, things that go bump in the night, reveal their truth in light of day. How I wanted to go and play and never come back down to earth.
I simply smile now. Reality is lifting a burden from my shoulders.

Breathing is easier. I’m not so worried that I’ll disappoint everyone, not fulfill their fantasies for my life. I need to let others make their way as they want.
I simply smile. I look around me, take a step, and as life happens, I go with it.

Sometimes I have a dream that’s never meant to come true; it is simply there to motivate me or teach me what I need to know. I can make the choice to smile now… as life happens… I’m still in it.



  1. Dear Dixie,
    When one dream is not fulfilled, if we look close, we may find that within that dream lies another dream. A dream that can become a better reality.
    A reality that brings us to a new understanding about our lives and those around us.
    You are still very much "in it". Living our lives, as best we can, is the goal we must all pursue. Dixie, you smile and the motivation from within grows ever the stronger.
    In peace, fondness and respect, Gary x

  2. Dear Gary,
    I appreciate you; always the one to look ever deeper into a situation to find the positive.

    I suppose I am a bit depressed about my recent health issues.

    It helps to smile. Stops the tears. Keeps the mind focused. Roll with flow, right? Stay with reality.

    Someone told me today: "you only dream when you're asleep." :D

  3. Dear,Dixie,Iam in awe of your directness ,and the purity of your spirit.If only i could express my inner thoughts/hopes ,and wisdom ,so lucidly.You are such a beautiful human being,so passionate ,yet so much peace.LOVE Dave.s

  4. Dear David,

    I find your writing just the same as mine. I look at what you share and see myself within every sentence.

    Okay, so maybe I've just finished one issue, that you're still dealing with. Still, there are times when you are dealing with an issue I am about to face.

    Lots of years and lots of walls surround me. Each wall I take down means I have learned to love another piece of me; not an easy task; you know.

    The beauty is when one wall falls, taking down another one, like dominoes. I am happy to see more light upon my face and life.

    I am grateful that you share.
    Love and peace, Dixie


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