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Monday, July 6, 2009

excerpt: Sarah's Day

There she sat atop his shoulders, applauding, as shooting stars filled the night sky.

“Daddy?” He knew that the tone of that voice, and hoped she wasn’t going to ask a hard question. “Who hung the moon, Daddy?”

“God hung the moon, for you and me.” He wondered if she had questions about God again!

“Hmmm,” she hummed, and he knew something was stirring within his “sweet girl’s mind.” (Wait for it. :])

“Daddy, if you had hung the moon, the face would be looking at our house, right?”

“Of course sweetie,” and though he thought to add more, he stopped. (She’s only four.)

“Daddy, I want to hear ‘Goodnight Moon’; will you read it to me?”

‘Sure.” He got her down from his shoulders and watched her fly into the house. (One last adrenaline splurge!)

He took one last look at the moon and heard her voice in his mind: ‘Daddy…if you had hung the moon, the face would be looking at our house, right?’ Though he laughed a bit, he also choked back a tear. (Yes Sarah, and I would give you the keys to the place!)


  1. Some daddys do hang the moon, I miss you daddy.


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