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Monday, June 1, 2009

Lousy weekend, new day...

I had a lousy weekend, and now it’s not going to do any good to complain about it. It’s the same old stuff… and I’m really, really, tired of feeling the way I feel. So wonder of all wonders… I am going to change my attitude. I mean I am really going to shake a few apples from the tree. Fall where they may, this girl has had enough!

The widget “following” thing is going. I click on it and get every blog in the world, but the one I’d like to read. Besides I like my blog list just fine. I don’t get some 18-22 blogs hanging onto one of my “followers,” such a demeaning name any way. No offense, but I like to be the one picking what I want to read.

My personal life will be changing as well. A certain revelation has finally penetrated my skull and I see light at the end of the tunnel… and it’s not a train light!! There’s nothing like a bit of the surreal to wake up reality. And, damn it. I’m wide awake. Maybe I’ll let you know how it goes or else I’ll hide my embarrassment of being a “fool” and get on to new stuff. More will be revealed.


  1. What a very lovely picture! and oh we almost have the same picture and title! Note I didnt see your blog before I wrote my own. Maybe just a coincidence...


  2. You go girl!!

  3. It's a new day! Reach in and get it and set it free!


  4. Jun Bullan,
    You're right; there must have been a universal call for peace and change to come. I do enjoy your photo, as the sun looks like it's surrounded, by red roses.
    A wonderful message.
    Thank you for wishing peace to all. I echo your sentiment.

  5. L.R.
    You bring glad tidings from the community cheerleader's head quarters. lol.

  6. Paige, I am reaching and I think I've grabbed a corner so far.

  7. I have passed on to you an award. Please stop by to receive it. Thanks.

  8. Jun Bullan,
    Thank you for your thoughtfulness.
    In peace, Dixie

  9. Hey Dixie,
    And following that lousy weekend, brings you ever closer to what you have been planning for some time now.
    The proverbial 'light at the end of the tunnel' grows ever brighter. It's time for you to make the move that takes care of you, Dixie.
    Sending you peaceful wishes, Gary

  10. Klahanie: Hi Gary,
    Yes I'm working on the decisions that will alllow me to have a better life. Nothing like a good lousy to get you looking!
    Thank you for your kind supporting remarks. Dixie

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