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Monday, May 25, 2009

Lessons and Gifts

There is a gift for us in each relationship that comes our way. Sometimes the gift is a behavior we’re learning to acquire: detachment, self-esteem, becoming confident enough to set a boundary, or owning our power in another way.

Some relationships trigger healing in us – healing from issues of our past or an issue we’re facing today.

Sometimes we find ourselves learning the most important lessons from the people we least expect to help us. Relationships may teach us about loving ourselves or someone else. Or maybe we’ll learn to let others love us.

We may not know if we’re in the midst of the process. But we can trust the lesson and gift is there. We don’t have to control the process. We’ll understand when it’s time. We can trust that the gift is precisely what we need.

Today, I’m trying to be grateful for all relationships. I’m trying to open myself to the lesson and gift from each person in my life. I will try to trust that I, too, am a gift in other people’s lives.


  1. Trust that you are a gift to many.


  2. Dear Dixie,
    You have been very much a gift in my life. Your gifts of compassion, empathy and sincerity have been profound inspiration.
    There are lessons to be told, lessons to learnt. If through these lessons, we become more at peace with ourselves and those we share our lives; then we can become truly grateful for the lessons and the gifts.
    Warm wishes your way, Gary

  3. Dear Dixie, I totally agree. We learn many things in any relationship.

  4. Dear Gary,
    You are right; the process of "becoming grateful" changes our dynamics.
    Your comments are too generous, as I haven't mailed the cheque for last month's! :P

  5. Jun Bullan,
    The photo is seeing some fly in, and some fly out; moving from one destiny to another. Energy reacts with energy... a cushion or a collision. Thank you, Dixie

  6. relationship also gives you experience;the kind of people you need to avoid!!

    I know, I know, I know.
    Thank you for your support!!

  8. You are truley a gift to me and my family, my dear, dear friend.

  9. Loved this entry. It was very well said and an important reminder.

  10. Dear L.R.
    Time continues, we hear the music, and dance within its spirit. You've made it easy to feel loved.

  11. Dear morrow,
    Thank you, as this one took time and help from another friend. My linear thinking is hard to maintain. "Klahanie" has been a big help to my thinking process.
    Thanks for visiting. Dixie

  12. Dear Dixie,
    You and your blogs have certainly been a "gift" to me and I hope this is reciprocated with my blogs with you. I hope they give your brain something to chew on, if you'll pardon the expression!
    Thankyou and Warmest Wishes to You,

  13. Hi Dixie,
    Thank you for that very kind comment you have left regarding me. I like to think that we are both trying to help each other through this empathetic interaction.
    Kind, respectful thoughts to you, Gary.

  14. Hi David,
    Good to hear from you. Your blogs have the tendancy to challenge every brain cell I own. Somewhere around your chapter 23, I placed a quarter of my cells away for safe keeping. A wiser, more inspired me; you're a continuously spawning gift for me. Seriously, and my thanks to you, Dixie

  15. Klahanie: Gary,
    You're one of a kind. I haven't deserved your support and help. You truly know what you want and I wish you well getting that.
    In empathy and peace,


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