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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Something for David

"A Day In The Life: Dave's Progress" has an interesting and humourous blog posted. His "Chapter 27: Confessions of a Bibliophile," will delight readers and those who especially like to collect books; Bibliophiles collect books. Or is the fact that they collect books, what makes them Bibliophiles? Oh well, not to worry, I'll return and read it for a fourth time! It's that much fun!

Meanwhile you know me and my photo madness? I typed in "bibliophile" to search and got this wonderful photo. This one is for you, David.


  1. I must be a bibliophile then as I do especially love old books and collect children's books which I find at antique shows or out of the way shops. And, of course, I have a gazillion poetry books as well. That's a great image, and I must go check out the posting. Brenda

  2. Hey Dixie,
    Ofcourse being the gentleman that I am? I shall not type here what I thought a 'Bibliophile' meant lol
    David's blog is a darn fine read. Must go now and stare at my collection of Enid Blyton books.
    Literary thoughts your way and David's way, Gary:-)

  3. "": thanks for your earlier post. I deleted you before checking your site and I apologise. I forgot you were from Zimbio. Most sincerely, ~dcrelief

  4. Hi Brenda... yes you're another "bibler" on the blog! LOL.

  5. ChowJobs: Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I enjoy your Zimbio zine. ~dcrelief

  6. Hi Gary,
    Where would be without Enid Blyton, and ofcourse the infamous “Noddy” series?! Puts a different spin than the “naughty” comment you might have referred to earlier. LOL. Thank you, and in case you didn’t know:
    Enid’s Blyton's life is set to be turned into a BBC movie for the first time later in 2009. Academy Award nominated actress Helena Bonham Carter will be portraying Blyton in the movie. Filming is set to commence on the week beginning 9 March 2009, and will be aired in Britain on BBC Four later in 2009.
    Thank you, kind regards, Dixie

  7. Dear dixie,
    This is certainly an apposite picture to go along with my blog- thankyou!
    And thanks for the free advertisement for my post, maybe I'll get more readers because of it.
    Hope that you are still well dc. Keep on keeping on!
    Yours Sincerely,

  8. Dear David,
    Thank goodness you are happy with my found photo, as this has unleashed a horde of biblios to your door. Apposites attract? LOL.
    Should you become more than your 'normal average paranoid dillusional man'... um... well, I'll find another photo; something less relevant?
    I'm still well; just not the deep thinker I was two months ago!
    Generously crazy, Dixie

  9. Dixie, I love books. I love to read most anything. My mother used to chastise me for reading the cereal box at the table.(smile)

    This is a great picture...I'll have to visit David's blog to read what he posted. It was very kind of you to point everyone in his direction...

    Thank you for sharing,

  10. Hello Mattie!
    Reading cereal boxes? um, I resemble that remark. You know, of course that I was the person who invented the take-out breakfast? No? I used this red carnation- colored metal cup, filled it with cereal and milk. One morning on my way I turned the cup up and blinded myself from an oncoming car. The gentleman spoke, "young lady, what is so important that you've forgotten to watch where you're going?
    I glanced from my cup to him and answered: "I'm so sorry sir, I was enjoying my "carnation instant breakfast".
    It would appear that I hear the cadence in someone's writings. I begin to hear their rhythum; the number of beats they use to say what it is they say. I hate the times when my Fibro kicks up and my cognitive ability is fogged. However I've come to realize that each of the websites I follow have high ocurrences of a rhythumic nature.
    Besides, who can pass up "The Confessions of a Bibliophile"?
    Excuse my long answer! Thank you!


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