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Friday, February 6, 2009


Many of you may not know that I wrote the Zimbio wikizine called, “Arching”; just an online magazine type publication. Arching dealt with childhood sexual abuse, the adult survivor, as well as physical and mental cruelty.

“Arching’s” and my goal was to explore me, the person I am today through visualization backward through times, events and characters. At one time I even had a male partner to aide me in defining moments, concepts, and contraptions. (lol) I suppose you could have called it a “cathartic” blog, releasing emotions through experimentation of the spiritual, mental and physical planes.

A person who handles a bow and arrows must be strong to control the bow, patient to let the arrow fly at the right moment, and in quiet focus. Okay so much of that I flubbed or made mistakes with. Still when I look at this icon I get the feeling that life is stronger and so am I. Indeed, today I know she was the best choice, I am positive just looking at her.


  1. Thanks Dixie, I'll look out your zine, as although my childhood sexual bullying (from so-called friends) happened only once, it, childhood bullying and subsequent abuse as a young adult (mostly mental, but some sexual) still has too much effect on me now, although I am working on it. Thank you for your strength :) xx

  2. A jewel shining through.."
    I may have Arch-ing closed in Zimbio or it may not be what you're expecting though.
    Anyways you are the fifth person to know that Arch-ing and dcrelief are the same! (Unless someone reads this blog.) =]

  3. Dear Dixie,
    As you know, I had interacted with you on your 'Arching' blog. I think it was most certainly a form of cathartic cleansing for you.
    From the 'trying to make sense of it all', (if that is even possible), writing you did on that blog, I know, the dear lady that you are, will grow even stronger.
    All the best, Gary x

  4. Hi Gary,
    And you also recall the number of "deletes" I had. Like a drunk hugging the bowl, something came forth, but then I could not feel free to let it remain in view. It had to leave. Changed the dimension of the zine but not of my life. The lesson was learned.
    Kind thoughts your way, Dixie


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