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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Living Fragile

Sometimes when life seems so fragile
A beginning feeling of peace arrives
From a source within and without
We bow our head
Acknowledge kindness
Receive the gift that helps us heal

We wrap the peace around our bodies
Longing for immediate relief
And find instead temporary solace
We bend our knees
Capture completeness
And let it work through all our days

Discover being fragile is not a curse
For peace will come and peace will go
From everything we are to what we will become
We praise the Creator
Everlasting love
Relieves our fear of living fragile


  1. Dear dcrelief,

    Thanks for your sincere comments on my blog and poems. I'm glad you like my "World Still Turns" effort. Like you, I tend to vent my feelings through words,and I'm glad to see you're still writing with great insight and feeling. But, I have changed the last line of my poem. If you look on my blog now it will say "And it will never know" instead of "And only God can know". Yes, afraid I have become a non-believer. The reasons for that would be too long to explain, suffice to say I should remember my Dad's words about religion and politics.
    Still, am so glad you passed by my post. You are always welcome there and hopefully I will have something new to write soon.
    Take care and keep well. I really like your poems too.
    Yours with much respec',

  2. Thank you David.
    I judge no one's beliefs.
    I'll revisit your poem.
    Be well. dc.


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