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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Friends of the Heart

Recently I have been part of two different blog sites, and it is very nice to be a part of their world; enjoying and sharing our writings in hopes of reaching an audience of people who still care about our world.

Both blog sites are listed in my “blog roll,” so please take a look and read their adventures, disappointments, hopes, and “life is happening” stuff. I admire both writers, and hope you will too.

Klahanie: “a man challenging his inner critic.”

dispatches from the jazz unit: …a blog about entertainment and politics. or are they really the same thing?


  1. thank you, friend.

  2. loj: my pleasure. dc

  3. Hi dcrelief,
    As you know, I have forwarded an apology to you. I did realise after I left my comment that part of it was not really in theme with your blog.
    So I would like to say thank you for including me in your "blog roll". It means so much to me.
    Warm wishes Klahanie.

  4. K: thank you for sharing your blog site; it has a wealth of strength and empathy for all. dc


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