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Saturday, October 4, 2008

A remembrance of love

You came here from another land
And we sat until dawn talking about the craziness
Of our world

Yours so humble and peaceful, mine aggressive
And often turbulent
But we talked on

The light shone through the glass door
And we noticed the sunrise
Neither of us tired

I couldn’t pronounce your name and you
Couldn’t pronounce mine,
But in a month we’d be married

Six months passed our lives broken
You went off to war
I stayed here and realized we
Would never be the same


    I just wanted to let you know that I think you are a truly great writer and poet. I can very much relate to your blogs and look forward to checking out your future writings.
    You deserve a wider audience. I would love to promote your blog to my friends, if that is okay with you. Please let me know. Thanks Take good care and thanks so much for commenting on my blogs. It means a lot. Positive wishes klahanie

  2. Klahanie,
    Make yourself comfortable. If there's something you find worth reading and sharing, by all means please do. And thank you for your compliments. Endeavor, dcrelief


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