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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Love at first "write"

I was sitting alone and typing away and along came this person named “Klahanie”. I had just finished posting “Just One Voice” a story in miniature of some pain I’d experienced. Thinking to hurriedly cover it with another post, bearing less soul, I found “Klahanie’s” comment: his wish for me to embrace the word empathy, and his expressing the idea of “promoting my writing to a wider audience.” Ironically it was not a wider audience that I desired, but an occasional comment from someone who was actually reading along. So I answered yes and went off to explore some blogs of his that he’d asked me to read.

Love at first “write”? Not only was I captured by his writing but also by the writings posted by his friends and companions, within the comment boxes. What wonderful people! What mutual appreciation and sharing they exhibited, and I wanted to be a small part of that “love”. So I wrote my first comment, followed by many other comments on other blogs that I read. And I grew to understand a bit of how they were able to “be” free of the pain I was sitting in. Could they help me; would they help me? I live so far away.

To a commenter on Klahanie's blog, “David” who asks if there’s a bit of romance between Klahanie and I? Romance from across the great pond… wow! But when I view the dictionary it tells me “no”. We are not impractical, we are not unrealistic, and we are not preoccupied with the idealizing of love. Now if you’re talking about the Romance style of literature or art that emphasizes imagination and emotion, you’re closer. Klahanie being a known “challenger of his inner critic” inspired me to begin thinking in a different manner; in a manner of positive affirmations, but so did the various other writers who were leaving him comments. So by all means, it was love at first write.


  1. Hello dcrelief,

    'Write on'. We can all be part of a very special community. A community of real empathy. If the power of this understanding can be achieved through the power of the written word. Then so be it.
    Those who would attempt to clip our wings when he had just began to fly, shall never deny us the freedom of choice. We can choose realistic positive anticipation, or we can be suffocated by negative speculation.
    You have the power of articulation dcrelief. The continued positive interaction that we are experiencing can be a positive sign for the lonely, the desperate, those who have been undermined by an apathetic, indifferent world.
    Please continue to embrace your positive power and pass it on.
    'Write on' dcrelief.

  2. Klahanie: and this would have made another great collaborative blog!
    I like your thinking here. Peace.

  3. Dear dcrelief,

    Have just read your blog "love at first write". I hope you and klahanie took my comment in the "write" vein- it was only intended as a bit of harmless banter. So, anyway, I hope no offence was caused.
    Glad to hear, though, that you have read other blogs that klahanie has recommended. Unfortunately our "mindbloggling" network will be closing down around the end of this year, but we will still be able to access our blogs and make comments, so all is not lost.
    Anyway, have tried my hand at poetry myself and if you have read my earlier blogs you will have seen a few. I really enjoyed the poems you have put on your own blog.
    So, as klahanie says, "write on" dcrelief and keep up that positive empathy thingy.

    Yours With Warmest Wishes,

  4. Dear David:
    Absolutely no offence taken. It was a surprise comment, but I chuckled. And I hope you didn't mind my mentioning you in my post.
    I'm sorry to hear that your network is closing; hope you're not going to stop writing.
    By all means, now that I have your blog address, I would love to visit and read. Thank you for your very kind comments. I wish you peace. dcrelief

  5. Hello dcrelief,

    I've been 'looking' for David and here he is over on your side of 'the pond'.:-)
    Glad to see that the interaction has grown. All the very best to you. Klahanie (some dude who reckons: that's it for my solar lamps for another year).

  6. I love the idea of a collaborative blog - Pen and my photographic work is largely collaborative (although not over such a geographical divide), see - - from our collaborative photo web.
    I absolutely think that more empathy (a symphony) would improve the world - the ability to put yourself in another's shoes is one of the most desirable of human characteristics. I eagerly await the flowering of your collaboration.

    Very warmest wishes

    PS please excuse me making the same comments here as on klahanie's blog, but my hands are painful and not up to typing too much tonight

  7. Hi again dcrelief,
    The comment above this is from my dear friend Tony, aka tone the blueshawk.
    Kind wishes Klahanie:-)

  8. Dear "tone the blueshawk": Your phtography site is wonderful. I recalled a couple of the photos from reading your blogs; my favorite is "Autumn." And I noticed on your profile that you are a 'community artist'.. wonderful. Your comments are truly kind and please don't apologize for any physical difficulty; I sympathize with physical issues. I am very grateful that you have become a follower of my blogsite! Be well. dcrelief


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