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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Reason to Play

When you know what you know, and that you know it… do you share it?
It’s easier when I prepare myself for adverse reactions. It might be more difficult when someone wants to “praise” my being; I am just not that important today. There should be many who can accomplish what I do. What do I do? I write. Simple, nothing requiring even a high school certificate. Why? Because my fist love are the children who ask questions. Show me a child that asks a question and I will show you a brave soul; one who has not been brain-washed into thinking that all answers have been received. One who has not been so threatened that she’ll cry or be silenced by force; and yet it is her very silence at times, that conveys her anticipation of your answer. Does this child want truth no matter what the cost?

In the U.S. of America our children know we lie to them. Their little cell phones text “the real” answer in seconds and we are convicted of withholding vital information. Never mind that the text message was also a lie… they received an answer and that was their goal. Children’s needs are really more simplistic; various adults have told them or introduced them to “multiple-guess” solutions. My personal fave: “multiple purchase” choice; forget they do not have the power to buy it all… it’s enough that someone says, “You can have it all. We call it “A secret.”

Note: Speaking of this law of attraction issue: do you think its okay… that if you want all of the children in the world at your disposal, then you should dream them into your existence and hold them hostage as they arrive? Let’s call it “the pedophile farm.” Okay so you work hard visualizing swimming pools, swing sets, slip and slide, and all THAT fun you plan for the children. Don’t forget the nice big house on the ranch-land with horses out the ying-yang.

Note: Let’s look at the flipside: they’re you’re kids and you’ve raised them to be pure and loving. Someone made a prank call and said they were attacked and instead of the authorities (not the local boyz and there’s a reason somewhere behind it) sent the “upper authorities” (DC’s finest agents of order and mayhem), to take the kids… not the accused, out of the home. (Excuse me a second here… I’ve got a text message………………. oh my niece… just wanting to ask if this was “normal” procedure… no but then again… welcome to 2008!)

My niece says she doesn’t want to go to church anymore. All the kids would be in one place and the “bad guys” could scoop them up and take them away. She has just called the moral agents of the U.S. of A bad guys; and she’s adamant. And though I see both sides I’m glad she’s questioning this behavior. I’ve suggested a family contingency plan to counter future anomalies, where possible. As the old green witch in “the Wizard of Oz” stated, “these things must be handled delicately…you see?” referring to the tazer power of the red shoes, now worn by Dorothy! Get rid of the power, capture the child.

I hate to think “Elitist,” because truly that could cover something more important than rich persons using the lives of others to enhance their own existence. It’s a rabbit hole without visible end to many of us. And yet the meek shall inherit the earth. If you have a meek meter, I would be very interested to know who falls into that group. Additionally because one becomes rich… is that justification for exclusion to inherit? We are so not over ourselves and petty issues we push by enacting an overkill of inappropriate policies.

Much like the wordiness of this article; I speak and speak, bang da board, and wonder if I’m only reciting my lot. Do I still feel it? Do I end another day asking… is this not the brightest sunset I’ve seen all year? But where is that dark band coming from; the one at the bottom edge of every dawn and plays all day.

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