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Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Net

I came here to play but the nets in the way
So I’ll have to go back to my life
A day of tomorrows is always the promise
Which only abounds in more strife?

The coaster looks ready and I’m feeling heady
Just crank up the thing and let’s ride
Still the net it surrounds and my shoulders are lowered
My heart is all broken inside

When did I stop playing?
When did tears become my all?
What was I thinking?
Living is painful behind this wall

I still want to play I must fine a new way
To have life and be wonderfully bliss
A day of tomorrows is always the promise
Please seal with a hug and a kiss

My long gown is flimsy and I feel such whimsy
The scissors I have are quite sharp
I snip and I rip and I take down the net
As I joyfully speak to my heart

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