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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jabba the Frog: A Tale of Reality

Jabba the Frog tells a tale of reality:

Okay kid, I’m going to give it to you straight. I’m going to give you the bigger than life clues “why” you feel so__________ (fill in the blank) on any given day.

You are a self-propelled blogger… accomplishing feats of fun and frolic or either the heavy nasty stuff. Just remember that the fun and frolic sell faster. Throw some fantasy into the mix and maybe they’ll toss you back a kudo.

Expose a little leg while you’re sitting there banging them black keys and feel it… really feel it. Uh, whatever it is, but don’t ask former Prez Clinton: “Define “is”… remember that? We sat back and laughed ourselves silly as the prosecuting panel dropped their jaws.

{“Yes! That was a powerful hit as we watch the ball go up, up, and my god it’s out of the park!”} Just a little more leg please.

With all of the self-propelling you’ll want to be challenged or paid attention to, but try not to let the pitfalls take you out. Write about some good stuff. Give something that someone might actually LIKE to read. That morbidity kick you got on is dulling my space. It’s a major downer, and you’d be better off writing about breasts.

Have some fun. Be curious. Be mysterious. Everybody else is… why not? Toss your name… in fact, erase it… in your case it only gets in the way because you think everybody else should play your way; puh-lease. You are not the Zim… get a grip on yourself and stop being so crazy.

#2 Love… in spite of feelings that pass… in spite of thoughts that get lost… in spite of actions regretted… try to love others as you would have them love you. You are free. Enjoy that.

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